Semi automatic layer winding machine for CO2 wire

Semi automatic layer winding machine for CO2 wire

Application : Tension controlled Rewinding of Steel or Aluminium wires in small bobbin.

Bobbin Dimension
Flange diameter : 300 mm
Barrel diameter : 200 mm
Width : 100 mm
Bore diameter : 50 mm
Winding speed : 300 Meters / minute ( Maximum). Variable speed
Wire size : 2 mm ( Maximum)
Bobbin loading : Pintle type between Head stock and Tail stock
Head Stock : Head stock shaft with pintle and dive pulleys are assembled on a sturdy gear box on bearings .

Tail stock (Pneumatically operated) : ail stock assembled on a sturdy gear box on bearings. Tail stock is operated by 2 No Air cylinder and solenoid valve. Push buttons are provided for operating the cylinder. Flow control valve is provided for adjusting the linear speed of the cylinder. Non return valve is provided on each cylinder for safety. All pneumatic components will be of Festo make.

Tail stock (Manually operated) : Shaft with pintle is assembled on a pedestal with heavy duty bearings and operated with handle .

Traverse Assembly : With Rollring Traverse unit model 4RR20 . Winding pitch and Stroke length are very finely adjustable for layer winding . Traverse speed is synchronized with bobbin speed with required speed reduction for very fine adjustment of pitch.Load carrier with four number Linear bearing and two number guide shaft is provided for wire guide pulley mounting.

Length counter : Electronic.

Drive : By 2 HP A C Motor. Variable frequency drive is provided for speed variation.

Control Panel : Control panel with ABB , Siemens or reputed make AC variable frequency drive with accessories are supplied.

Optional Accessory :

Killing Roller Assembly Consists of 2 set of 4+ 3 rollers mounted vertically and horizontally with locking system .Rollers are adjustable with nut individually . Groove size to suit wire diameter provided on the rollers.