Traverse Assembly consists of Traverse unit, hardened and ground shaft, side end brackets, Steady rail, Reversal end limit adjustments and Guide assembly. Length of shaft is decided considering Maximum traverse length.

Traverse assembly is tailor designed considering maximum traverse length, force applied or load be traversed and Linear speed.

Maximum traverse length : Maximum traverse length is limited only by availability of required length of hardened and ground shaft and also by considering the shaft sag. Suitable guide rail support is necessary when length is increased considering shaft sag.

Minimum stroke length : Approximately equals to diameter of the shaft

Shaft : Shaft with high surface hardness, surface finish and straightness are recommended for operation of traverse unit

Tolerance on diameter : g6
Material: Alloy steel (C45 )
Hardness : 58-62 HRC
Depth of effective hardness: 1mm
Corrosion protection : Hard chrome plating Recommended
Minimum Shaft Length=Maximum traverse length + L1

L1 is the additional length required the movement of traverse unit. Refer table below for length “ L1“ for various models. Shaft extension for drive is provided on right side or left side as required for transmitting drive.

Traverse Unit Model HT1 HT2 4RR15 HT3 & HT22 4RR20 & 4RR22 HT3N 4RR30 HT4 & 4RR40 HT5 & 4RR50 HT6 & 4RR60 HT8 & 4RR80
L1 100 120 140 160 190 210 240 275 325 420 500

Steady Rail : Prevents the rotation of traverse unit on the shaft. Two number guide bearing is provided on traverse unit which slides over the steady rail. Width of rail : Refer dimensional drawing against the model for details.

Mounting guide assembly :Four number threaded holes are provided on top of traverse unit for mounting assembly to be traversed. Please ensure that the length of bolt used does not exceed the insertion depth “N” and penetrate inside the box to prevent damage and malfunctioning of traverse unit.

Reversal End Limits : Threaded shaft with nut or plain shaft with adjustable stopper are provided for varying the stroke length. Reversal end limits are suitably mounted for clock wise or ant clockwise rotation of shaft

Winding Application

Recommended Shaft Speed : The linear speed of traverse movement can be varied by adjusting the pitch on the dial of traverse unit.. Pitch is Maximum at setting 10 on the dial and near zero at setting 0 of the dial.

Maximum Linear Speed = Shaft speed X Maximum pitch of the traverse unit . Linear speed can be varied by changing the pitch or shaft speed.

Shaft speed : For Optimum performance the required shaft speed required is calculated based on maximum pitch of the traverse unit and required maximum linear speed.

Winding Application : For winding application drive to traverse assembly is provided from bobbin drive shaft for automatic synchronisation with bobbin speed and traverse linear speed . It is necessary to provide traverse shaft speed with reference to maximum pitch requirement and bobbin speed for maximum efficiency. Maximum pitch of traverse unit ( at setting 10 on the dial) is matched to maximum pitch required for the application by providing suitable speed reduction between bobbin drive to traverse drive.

Recommended Speed ratio between bobbin shaft to traverse shaft. Refer fig 77 or 78 below.

Dr/Ds = 0.95 X maximum pitch of traverse unit / maximum pitch required for the application.

Related units
Dr = Diameter of the pulley / Number of teeth of the sprocket or timer pulley on traverse shaft
Ds = Diameter of the pulley / Number of teeth of the sprocket or timer pulley on Spool drive shaft

Layer Winding of Round or Flat material : For layer winding the pitch setting needs to very accurate and equal to the diameter or width of material being layer wound. Maximum pitch of traverse unit (at setting 10 on the dial) is matched to maximum diameter or width of material being required for the application by providing suitable speed reduction between bobbin drive to traverse drive.
With suitable reduction the maximum traverse movement per rotation of bobbin equals to maximum diameter or width of material to be layer wound.
Dr/Ds = 0.95 X Maximum pitch of traverse unit / Maximum diameter or width of material.
Reversal end limit is to be set precisely.

Load Carrier

Various types of Load carrier Is used to reduce load directly applied to traverse unit. Heavy loads can be traversed with load carrier using smaller capacity traverse unit. Load carrier is also required in applications to traverse Heavy Guide assembly, materials having more winding Tension, when guide pulley is mounted away from traverse unit. And for any application requiring very sturdy operation. Please find below details and various types of load carrier

1. Bearing Mounted Load Carrier.
A plate with four number radial roller bearing mounted on the traverse unit is supported on a rail with smooth and even surface. The Guide roller assembly or guide pulley can be suitably mounted on this plate.

2. Load Carrier With Linear Bearing And Guide Shaft.
Guide carrier with four number Linear bearing mounted on two number guide shaft is provided. The load to be traversed or Guide rollers or guide Pulley is mounted on the load carrier.

3. Load Carrier With LM Block And Rail
Guide carrier with four number LM Blocks supported on two number LM Guide rail mounted suitably on a thick plate is provided. The load to be traversed is mounted on the guide carrier. This arrangement is suitable for traversing Heavy load and material having huge tension etc.

Vertical Traverse Assembly

Traverse unit is operated on shaft mounted vertically. Load carrier with Linear bearing is recommended for mounting wire guide assembly . Vertical Traverse assembly is used for traversing wires or flat on a vertically mounted bobbin .

Traverse Assembly With Motorized End Limit Control

Small motor is provided to vary reversal end limits continuously with a small PLC to get taper winding. Mainly used for winding on bi-conical bobbin or taper bobbin..

Can also be used in application for pre-set end limit requirement with selector switches or to vary end limit remotely with push buttons

Bellow Type Cover

Bellow type covers are used on applications where traverse assembly is operated in a very dusty or corrosive environment and also to prevent water entering the traverse unit .

Ball Screw Traverse Assembly

Ball screw assembly against customer requirements is supplied for horizontal or vertical application with suitable load carriers , drive motor and controls.

Traverse assembly with ball screw is supplied with precision rolled ball screw with nut, Load carrier with linear bearing and shaft or with LM block and rail, AC Motor Or Servo Motor, Variable frequency drive or Servo drive, Control Panel with PLC and accessories. Proximity switches are provided for end limit control

Linear speed is precisely controlled with potentiometer.

HMI and PLC can be provided to program various winding sequence.