Selection of Traverse unit

Selection of Traverse unit

Traverse unit model can be selected considering the total force acting on the traverse unit as applicable including the winding tension and twisting forces of the material to be traversed, Weight of guide assembly and traverse unit, Linear speed and Traverse length, Frictional load if any , Distance between traverse assembly and let off point and any other forces if any applicable.

For calculation, a traverse Model need to be preselected by approximately estimating the force required. Suitability of the model preselected is verified by calculation as given below. If the force calculated is higher than that of the traverse unit , higher size model needs to be selected and verified.

Force F (Kg ) = 0.25 (M X V / T ) + Fr +Fz + 0.12(MXG ) + Fw

Related Units

M (Kg) = Weight to be traverse unit + weight mounted directly on the unit
V = Max Linear speed Meters per second
T = Reversal time in Second. Refer operation guide
Fr = Friction load if any in Kg.
G = 9.8 m/s2 (Gravitational Force)
Fz = Additional force if any acting on the traverse unit in Kg
F w = Force related to winding tension. Refer Fig 6

C = Stroke length (mm)
T Kg = Winding Tension Kg (Approximately 5 to 10 % of maximum Tensile strength)
B mm = Distance between Traverse and let off point