Optional Accessories

1. Free movement Lever ( Release Lever ) :

Provided to release the traverse unit on the shaft. Traverse unit can be disengaged and positioned on the shaft by turning the lever manually by 90°.

Two types of release lever are available
2. Shaft :

Shafts with surface hardness, surface finish and straightness are required for operation of traverse unit. LM shaft length can supply up to 4 Meter. Circlip groove and key way provided as per customer drawing.
Shaft Material: C45
Tolerance : g6
Hardness : HRC 58-62
Heat treatment : High frequency induction hardening
Corrosion protection : Hard chrome plating
Surface Roughness : Polished Ra =0.8µ

3. Pneumatically operated Reversal mechanism :

Double acting air cylinder with solenoid valve provided for actuating reversal mechanism. Proximity sensors actuate air cylinder at end limits. Pneumatic reversal mechanism enables operation of Traverse unit in clockwise as well as anti-clock wise direction of rotation of shaft.

4. Bi-Directional Reversal Mechanism :

Reversal mechanism, it’s suitable for operating either in clockwise or in anti-clockwise direction of shaft rotation.

5. Remote Control of Linear Speed ( Traverse Pitch) :

Fractional HP Motor is provided on the traverse unit to vary the pitch remotely using push buttons. It’s worthwhile where traverse unit is not accessible by operator.